Greetings from Vippmed International.We are the best medical tourism company in Turkey lead by doctors direct.Our doctors office in city center of Istanbul near the JCI(Joınt Comission International) acreatided hospitals.

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Why VippMed

Vippmed was founded with the initiative of two doctors who are specialists in the field of Urology and Endocrinology in order to meet the expectations of international patients in the best way. Having 5 years of experience in international patient tourism, two doctors aimed to meet the gaps and deficiencies in this field in a professional way and at high standards with the professional experience given for many years.

Vippmed works with the best doctors in the field in Istanbul. When you consult with the Vippmed International Health Centre about your disease, our founding physicians will evaluate your examinations in a short period of time and plan the most appropriate treatment for you. Since our founding doctors speak English and Arabic as their native language, they can communicate with you in person without an interpreter. It means that no mediator exists to take your examinations and consult with the doctor. The system is completely progressing on you and your doctor.

On your trip to Turkey, you will have the opportunity to have both a vacation and a treatment for you and your relatives with accommodation, plane tickets, welcome, transfer and travel packages to be offered.

Vippmed's corporate philosophy is to achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction and at the same time does not compromise on ethical values. Since the founders are doctors, patients are more fortunate in this regard because our doctors are personally involved in each stage of the patients' treatments.