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Treatment of erectile dysfunction with stem cells

   We all have aging and dying cells that need to be replaced with new cells. Our stem cells divide to the extent necessary to repair and replace them. The younger you are, the more active your stem cells will be and do their job better.
Stem cells are progenitor cells from which other cells in the body originate. They are undifferentiated cells capable of becoming different types of cells in the body. This property gives stem cells the ability to regenerate and repair damaged tissue.
Stem cells help eliminate the cause of disorders that lead to reduced symptoms or full recovery, depending on the initial condition.
Against the background of erectile dysfunction, stem cells stimulate the function of endothelial cells in the penis as well as cavernous smooth muscle cells, which are major components of erection.
This treatment is able to treat the blood circulation problems in erectile dysfunction at the cellular level. Basically, when your penis cannot be fully erected, the penile tissue remains hypoxic, which means it is not getting enough oxygen. This can negatively affect blood circulation - not enough blood can flow to make your erection strong.
Stem cells increase blood flow to the penis by way of nitric oxide which stimulates the nerves that lead to an erection. Stem cells prevent the loss of oxygen, allowing enough blood to come in and out, helping you get and maintain a strong erection.
Treatment can work for the long term. Erectile capacities will remain strong for 12 months after the injection.
In addition, this type of treatment may be preferred over temporary treatments like Viagra or injections like Alprostadil because it has fewer side effects than these methods. It also allows for more automaticity, as you don't have to take pills or inject yourself beforehand to get an erection.


Sources of stem cells for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

   There are different types of stem cells in the body that can be used to treat different medical conditions, including erectile dysfunction:
• Fat-derived stem cells (or fat-derived stromal cells)
• Regenerative cells derived from fats
• Cancer stem cells: mesenchymal cells (or myeloid stromal cells)
Stem Cells Derived from Fat or Adipose Tissue: This is the most widely used source of stem cells to treat erectile dysfunction. Fat cells are obtained by liposuction, usually from fatty tissue in the buttocks. Adipose tissue contains mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are progenitor stem cells that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. One of the advantages of using SCCs derived from fat is that a large number of stem cells can be obtained in a short period of time directly from the patient.


   What is the difference between PRP and stem cell therapy?
The difference between P-Shot erectile dysfunction treatment and stem cell therapy is that platelet rich plasma is not a source of stem cells and platelet rich plasma does not contain beneficial numbers of stem cells. . But it is believed to contain certain growth factors such as platelet-derived growth factor which stimulate and improve the function of endothelial cells in the penis.
A local anesthetic and a special needle are placed in the hip area to collect the cells. The stem cells are then processed using FDA approved equipment to enrich the quantity and quality of the stem cells and platelets. After numbing the area, this solution is then injected directly into the tissue of the penis. You shouldn't feel any discomfort or discomfort during the procedure, and there is no recovery period afterward. The whole process only takes an hour.
Stem cell therapy is 100% natural - and due to the use of your cells, there is no rejection of the immune system. The best thing about it is that it provides natural results because it helps reverse the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction.