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    P-SHOT is a non-surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction and sexual performance.
   Whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction or you are just looking to improve your sexual response, P-SHOT, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma, is a revolutionary treatment designed to provide lifelong benefits!

    The treatment is designed in the form of simple injections intended to effectively stimulate sexual function for better sexual well-being.

    Firmer erections for sufficient durations, Great sexual satisfaction and amplified orgasms are the potential benefits of P-SHOT injections.


How does P-shot treat sexual dysfunction?

How does platelet-rich plasma injections treat erectile dysfunction?

   Erectile dysfunction is usually caused by weak blood vessels in the penis. It is responsible for blood transfusion to the organ during erection, and the defect in these veins is what causes erectile dysfunction.

   The P-SHOT works to rebuild blood veins and allow blood to pass well in order to obtain a normal and complete erection. It also  nourishs the stump cells in the penis to grow as if they are healthy new veins.

How does platelet-rich plasma injection treat premature ejaculation?

   Premature ejaculation is a defect in nerve cells and fibers, which causes increased sensitivity that results in lack of control and rapid ejaculation. 

   The P-shot injection works to revitalize and nourish the cells and nerve endings located inside the penis to gradually restore its integrity and ability to perform its functions, which gives control and a satisfactory sexual relationship for both parties.

Does plasma injection treat penile curvature or Peyronie's disease?

   Peyronie's disease is a fibrosis of the blood inside the penis, it occurs as a result of a rupture in the tissues of the penis and this blood pool turns into platelets and forms fibrosis, which causes a curvature of the penis and difficulty in erection.

    P-shot injections accompanied by shock wave sessions work to stimulate muscles and tissues and rebuild the damaged tissues so that the penis returns to its previous state and its previous size in many cases. While still some other cases need surgery.


Benefits of the P-Shot

   Injections of Pùatelet Rich Plasma carry no heart-related risks, an important differentiator from the most common pharmaceutical option. The injection floods the penis with regeneration cells that immediately begin revitalizing muscle, tissue and nerves. The therapy is non-invasive, with no side effects or risk of allergic reaction.

   It increases vascular formation and improves the health of erectile tissue for improved blood flow and better erection. It also makes other therapies like Viagra or Cialis more effective.