Greetings from Vippmed International.We are the best medical tourism company in Turkey lead by doctors direct.Our doctors office in city center of Istanbul near the JCI(Joınt Comission International) acreatided hospitals.

How can we help you?

Our Mission

1-    We are an organization consisting of only doctors and setting the goal of providing the most accurate and the highest standards of treatment to the patients abroad.

2-    As we are doctors, we implement the patient confidentiality and professional ethics to each patient very delicately.

3-    We provide our patients with the most transparent and the most suitable treatment option that they can access as soon as possible.

4-    As there is no intermediary, the patients get in touch with the doctor directly and play a key role in the treatment planning.

5-    Our team of doctors is graduated from the best faculties in Turkey and all of our doctors have experience in Europe or America.

6-    Patients are entitled to get information about the CV and experience of the doctors to whom they will entrust their lives.

7-    When presenting a treatment plan to patients, we do not give only the name of the hospital, but ensure that they get in touch with the relevant doctors directly and take the opportunity of asking all their questions.

8-    As we are doctors, we personally assess all medical analyzes of our patients and plan the most suitable treatment option for the patient, with the best prices and the highest achievement target.

9-    On behalf of providing the highest satisfaction in the patient's travel in Turkey, we cooperate with the most professional travel agencies in this field.

10-    We treat all patients as our guests and do our best to ensure that they return to their countries in a happy and healthy way.