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What is Shock Wave Therapy for Sexual Dysfunction?
   Effective treatment of Sexual Dysfunction, Shockwave therapy can treat the most common cause of erectile dysfunction - insufficient blood flow to the penis.

  Shockwave therapy does not require surgery, hospitalization, or medications that can have harmful side effects.

  Over 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from erectile dysfunction. Why continue to treat symptoms when you can eliminate the cause?

  Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED ShockWave Therapy or EDSWT) includes the same technology that has long been verified and used in general physiotherapy and that involves increasing blood flow to the heart.

  EDSWT therapy applies low-intensity shock waves that will re-activate the blood vessels in the penis and thereby restore blood flow to the penis. During arousal, erection can occur naturally, allowing men to regain healthy sexual function.


How Does ED Shockwave Therapy Treat Sexual Dysfunction?
   The successful use of shockwaves to increase blood flow to specific areas of the body is well documented in numerous fields of medicine, including cardiology, physiotherapy, urology and pain management.

   The treatment applies low intensity extracorporeal shock waves,  that open blood vessels, allowing proper blood flow to the penis.

   This is exactly what PDE inhibitors do, but EDSWT has none of the side effects or risks.


Benefits of Shock Wave Therapy for Sexual Dysfunction
Shockwave therapy offers new possibilities for the direct treatment of the vascular causes of sexual dysfunction. The treatment offers more than symptom-management. It is a restorative return to natural and spontaneous sexual intimacy.

1- Regain spontaneous response to sexual arousal
2- No pills or pre-planning required
3- Safe, effective and private treatment
4- Medical technique proven effective to increase blood flow
5- No risk to men with health conditions that prohibit other therapies
6- Results in as little as two weeks