Greetings from Vippmed International.We are the best medical tourism company in Turkey lead by doctors direct.Our doctors office in city center of Istanbul near the JCI(Joınt Comission International) acreatided hospitals.

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About Us

Istanbul is one of the most attractive city around the world based on its history, culture and touristic places. Vippmed established  in Istanbul and deeply commited towards provided best quality medical services in affordable prices with warm hospitality in Turkey.

Vippmed is the first of its kind in Turkey, which is fully governed by doctors. A doctor is the one who can best understand a patient and personalize the whole treatment. Hence, the diagnosis and treatment plan should organised directly by experienced doctor on that field

Vippmed Health Center aims to solve international patient problems profesionally. Medical reports are evaluated directly by our doctor team then after the consultations completed, patient treatment process arranged in detailed for every steps. In this case patient will know everything about treatment and  will have an opportunity to discuss the treatment  process  with doctor before travel to Istanbul.

We provide best service in Cancer Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Obesity Surgery, Kidney Transplantation, IVF, Male Health, Cardiac Surgery,  Cosmetic Surgery and Routine Health Check-up.

Vippmed also assists you for accomadation, plain tickets, language translator and what you need to become a memorable one for you.