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26 May 2019 13:17

Fusion biopsy is the gold standart for diagnosis of the  prostate cancer. Before the biopsy procedure, a special MRI (Multiparametric MRI)f or prostate is planned then the prostate biopsy is planned. By the coordinate of the MRI, the prostatic cancer suspicious lesions are detected by Artemis fusion biopsy technology, a navigation of the MRI help to detect cancer tissue by special needle and the diagnosisi can be made in 99% pecent. 

Advantages of Fusion Biopsy for Prostate;

1- The risk of miss or undetect the  cancer tissue after the fusion biopsy is the near the ZERO.

2- If the your first prostate biopsy was negative and your PSA level still continue to rise, by fusion biopsy technology, the correct diagnosisi can diagnosis can be made before the cancer spread throgh the body.

3- The procedure performed under general anestesia, the patient doen't feel pain anddon't face with stress.

4- Due to perineal way is used for biopsy, infection issue like acute prostatitis rate is near to zero.

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