Greetings from Vippmed International.We are the best medical tourism company in Turkey lead by doctors direct.Our doctors office in city center of Istanbul near the JCI(Joınt Comission International) acreatided hospitals.

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Health Tourism in Turkey

19 April 2019 11:03
Health Tourism in Turkey

Health is the most valuable thing in our life. Humankind understands better the importance of health after get the disease. Unfortunately, not all of the people can reach the the same quality of health service in their country depending on the economic problems or underdeveloped of diagnoses technique with lack of experince of health worker team.

By VippMed Internatonal we aim to offer the best treatment oppurtunity to all patients around the world.  How is the system work in Vippmed? After you send us your medical documents, we evaluate them and call you immediately. We make a treatment plan and give you information about your disease and solution.  We are unique in its kind, because your treatment process planned by you and your doctors. This system works directly by doctors who consider all ethical concerns  about treatment and patient rights. You will be our special patient after you meet with us  and after you get back your counrty. Morever, we will  call you back ater you arrive your country to be sure everything is ok about your treatment. 

We think that, the treatment should be a package that include all transfers from airport-otel-clinic-hospital with an interpreter in your language to solve all problems that you can face. So, you will just take a plain ticket than our representative will solve all your accomadation and other possible needs. You just concantrate on your treatment and trust your doctor. Because we select the most experience doctor about your disease and we arrange all steps from diagnoses to treament process. For example, you have a prostat cancer disease and contact us by Vippmed online system. At first we will call you to understand the medical history, patient age and other medical information. Than we evaluate your documents and after the consultation we will offer robotic prostate surgery and the most experience surgeon on prostatic robotic sugery Istanbul. Because some urologic surgeon interested on stone surgery, some of them on female urology. As we are doctors in Vippmed, we can select the most approriate doctors depending on presented disease instead of medical branch like general urologist or general surgeon. 

For acomadation and transfers, Vippmed workers take you from airport and make a reservation in the 5 stars otel in Istanbul near the Vippmed Clinic and Hospital. We work with JCI (Joint Commission Internatonal) acrediated hospitals.

We want to say you again just take a plain ticket and welcome to Istanbul for world standard treatment with high quality services that you desire.

Ass.Prof.Dr. Muhsin BALABAN

Urology Specialist

Co-Founder of Vippmed Interational

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